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Based out of Colorado, DJ Shake One has taken DJing to new heights in his home state and on the road. A long time veteran of both clubs and competitions he has always strived to elevate his skills and the audience experience. His battle victories across the country have left a string of defeated foes and and his party sets have included high profile events for Charlie Sheen, Carmelo Anthony, The Colorado Rockies and more.  He has also performed with and opened for multiple artists including: Sean Paul, One Republic, T.I., Mike Posner, Far East Movement, and Dead Mou5, to name just a few. In the corporate and private event world, Shake One continues to play some of the most notable and high profile events in the country. We took some time to ask him some questions about how he has managed to shake up the industry…

Career Battle Highlights

2006 Baltimore DMC Champion
2014 Denver DMC Champion
2016 L.A. DMC Champion

What was your most memorable DJ Moment and Why?

Probably playing main stage at Red Rocks for Global Dance Festival. GDF is probably Colorado’s largest dance festival and Red Rocks is such an iconic venue.


You surprised a lot people by coming from out of town to win the 2016 LA DMC, how was that experience?

I just had the itch to compete this year and had been working on ideas for a few months. I was finally prepared by the time the LA. regional came around. But I didn’t show up expecting to win. I just wanted to have a clean set. Los Angeles is not an easy title to win. I just showed up and had a really clean set and really unique idea of going through the evolution of popular music… I actually consider it more of a showcase set than a battle set. But that’s who I am as a DJ.


(Photo Credit Ignacio Soltero)

How have competitions helped your Dj career?

I think competition has helped me a lot with my nerves and stage presence. It takes a lot to get up on stage knowing everybody is watching you closely and there’s a whole group of people that are just waiting for you to make a mistake. So now when I’m playing a high profile event, it’s a walk in the park compared to a battle.

How do you incorporate turntablist skills into your club sets?

I consider myself primarily a party DJ and I mostly do “club” style sets. But I always highlight scratching and some kind of trick mixing. Acapella intros and outros allow for a lot or scratching/mixing creativity. I really follow the style of A-Trak and Z-Trip.

Tell me about your performances with the live Violinist.

I brought in a violinist to create a project called “Tone Play”. Even though tone play has a specific meaning among DJs, for us it’s just about fusing styles and genres. We have a cool chemistry doing question answer patterns with scratching VS violin. It’s a show that I mostly do for corporate and high profile parties. We just did a show for John Elway and some other big VIPs.

You used to own a tattoo shop, Do you find any parallels between DJing and Tattooing?

They are both creative jobs and both really heavily on hand/eye coordination and control. Before I started djing, I used to draw and paint a lot while listening to any kind of “turntablist” mix tapes I could get my hands on… YES I said tapes! The Return Of The Dj mixtapes were a blessing. But as time passed, music became a much bigger passion of mine.

How important is it to have business outside of DJing?

I feel like everything is a business in some sort, but it’s all about balance. I know that my name/persona Dj Shake One is a business and I try treat it like that. However, it’s also an art and passion. The balance is being professional, but not compromising creativity.

What do you have coming up you are excited about?

I have a few big things coming up. I just started a party bus company here in Denver and I’m booked pretty solid with Dj gigs. These past few weeks have actually been pretty crazy. I opened a show for Z-Trip, and did a private party for Ashton Kutcher.

Give me 2 tips for upcoming DJs

1. There is no shortcut for skills.
2. Do it because you love it. Music is its own reward.

Thank you to Shake One for sharing your thoughts and tips with us. Stay up to date with Shake One on social media


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