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When you talk about Video DJ Edits, there is one name that rises to the top, DVDJ Biggie. As the #1 Best Selling Video Remix Artist of All Time on Crooklyn Clan, Biggie has a body of work that is beyond compare. As a consistent top seller for years, Biggie’s edits are seen in almost every Video Club worldwide. This time of year, his Halloween video edits take center stage with his amazingly deep catalog of videos that are a must have for any Video DJ. If you need any edits I highly recommend taking advantage of the major sale going on at Crooklyn Clan right now.

As a DJ, Biggie’s performances at Turning Stone casino are legendary. Known as an open format DJ he is able to mix any style of music and can keep the club rocking all night. However, he has also been able to leave his mark on an unexpected genre, Country Music.  His remixes of Country music with dance friendly kicks and snares have turned the scene on its head. His full length mixes have been spread throughout the country as more people continue to learn about his creative cross genre style. We recently caught up with him to find out  more:


How would you describe your DJ Style?

My Style is Open Format playing everything from Country to EDM. Every week I play in 2 clubs with 2 different formats. Thursdays and Fridays I am in a mainstream club that is open format with a variety on genres from Old School to EDM. Then on Saturdays I play in a Country Music Club. There is a band that goes on before me, then I close the night out with a mix of  Country music that has a club feel. It is Country Music with a twist!! Check out my country mixes on to get the idea!

What is your most memorable DJ highlight?

I have to say it was at Lava Nightclub at Turning Stone, which is my residency. We had a Stevie Wonder concert in the event center and got word that Stevie and his whole crew were coming over to Lava after. They arrived and about 30 minutes later my Manager Jerry came in the Booth and told me there was a special request. I was thinking he wanted something like Michael Jackson or Prince but Stevie Wonder wanted to hear Drake – Best I Ever Had. Later that night after club closed, he stuck around and I got to meet him. I thought it was going to be a quick pic but he asked if he could ask me a question. So he did and his question was ” How did Michael Jacksons death effect me as a DJ?” We talked for a good 15 minutes. A crazy night I will never forget!


What is the video DJ scene like in your city/ What venues do you play at?

Video Scene in my area is still not as big as it should be. I think main reason is clubs won’t pay for the the necessary equipment needed to get the Video DJ to hook up. I wish they all would see the advertising opportunities that us Video DJ’s can bring. Plus not everyone in the club dances so keep people drinking at the bar by watching videos.


What separates you from other DJs?

I think my crowd reading ability separates me. A lot of DJs think they can go into a club and play a list they built before the night. I bring 3Tb of videos and go with what works! Plus being a video DJ it separates me from all the rest of the DJ’s out there. Going into a club that has screens that usually play visuals and switching it out for a night with music videos really catches people attention.

What is your current favorite video?

Really digging this track and with Suicide Squad this video is killer!!

What is your favorite video edit you made?(Include Link)

Have to Say Believe in ’09 still play that to this day!! Journey never gets old!!

Believe in ’09- Danny Diggz Remix DVDJ Biggie Video Edit from DVDJ Biggie on Vimeo.

Where do you get videos?

Crooklyn Clan, Smashvidz, AV District

What do you use to edit video?

Sony Vegas and After Effects for Visuals

What is your current setup you use to play video?

I use 2 CDJ-2000’s with a Pioneer DJM-900 with a Pioneer SP-1. Also a 17 inch Alienware Laptop with Virtual DJ 8.2


What are your current projects?

Halloween is right around the corner and its usually my busiest month! So everything and anything Halloween!

Give me 2 tips for people upcoming Video DJs

Test stuff out before going into a club. Trials and error. The worst thing is having a new video DJ come into a club and ask me how to get things going.  AND Dont be cheap on videos. Get quality videos from a great source.


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