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DJ Joshua Carl

In the past 10 years, Massachusetts has won major sports championships in every major sport in the country. The Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox have all taken home the title. In a city where excellence is expected, DJ Joshua Carl has done his part to stay a top the Video DJ community. Well respected by his peers and adored by his fans, Joshua Carl has pushed Video DJing to new heights with his video edits, use of technology, and Seminars at the DJ Expo convention.  This R.A.D. (Real Ass DJ) guy has spread Video DJing throughout the galaxy like a Jedi Master. We recently caught up with the Qui Gon Jinn of Video DJs to find out more.

How would you describe your DJ Style?

I really enjoy cherry picking from styles that I’ve been impressed with over the years. For an open format DJ its both a blessing and curse when we are asked about what we play, or about our style. I like to think I invoke the DJ needed for the task at hand for each individual event. Sometimes you’re the show, sometimes you’re the background music, sometimes you’re the opener. The variants are truly endless. I try my hardest to play each style or format in a manner that would convince even the harshest critic that the style they are seeing at the moment is my bread an butter, which is a bit obsessive, but I think choosing the right weapon (and executing) for each battle is skill that often goes unmentioned.


What is your most memorable DJ highlight?

In Recent memory it would have to be playing in Japan & India this year. The cultures are so very different from each other and more-so ours here in the states. But being a US DJ playing over there truly is a blessing, the club goers, the new friends, and the local DJs are all amazing and supportive. I can totally understand why these guys live on the road globally.

What is the video DJ scene like in your city/ What venues do you play at?

Here in New England we are a bit fortunate. We have such a thriving sports crowd most venues are keen about having excellent video systems, ready for us to tap into relatively easily. At the Same time the club world up here is pretty much held down strongly by the VJ community (As in providing Visual for the music, not Video DJs). We have some excellent VJs here and they aren’t too fond of video DJs. Although, I’ve developed some great relationships with them when they see the work flow, or even just extending the olive branch via Syphon or a black magic card. “Here take my video output and do with it what you will mister VJ”

I was also lucky enough to be in the initial wave of video DJs in the DVS realm so I was in a pretty actionable position representing the video DJ community. There was certainly a bit of weight on my shoulder, and often I was the first person in a venue trying to get them to tryout video. So it was always a case of setting the bar so the local video community could try to strive for, or in many many cases completely ignore and turn venues off from video all together. Then it was a matter of damage control.

What separates you from other DJs?

Not too much, You could argue years, but the only thing I did to accomplish that was not quit and not die, which really isn’t much to brag about. Ive never been one who can talk about himself with much bravado. I work hard, I work often, continuously try to stay on top of my music and videos, social media, tech advances and surround myself with like minded people. I strive for perfection often, which is why I’m pretty much never content with my brand or my skill set. Which in itself, is its own daily motivation to keep practicing.


What is your current favorite video?

Biting Elbows – ‘Bad Motherfucker’ Official Music Video from Ilya Naishuller on Vimeo.

What is your favorite video edit you made?

Either The Final Chapter of the Living Dead (vimeo Removed)

or Scott Pilgrims We found Love

gotta love that Vimeo!


Where do you get videos?

Smash Vision, Crooklyn Clan, AV District, Xtendamix (Waiting Patiently for US availibilty)

What do you use to edit video?

The Adobe Suite

What is your current setup you use to play video?

2 1200s, Rane Sixty Two,Scratch Live, iPad with Lemur controlling Mix Emergency & Bazik, Dicers.

What are you working on now/ current projects?

More remixes for Crooklyn Clan, Some stuff for Visual Eyecandy, More tour Dates for R.A.D. ( ) and of course stuff I’m not allowed to talk about….Who knows, maybe if enough people want it, bringing back Video Report. I Do video 3-6 nights a week, pretty much every week, so thats usually my focus.

Give me 2 tips for people upcoming video djs

1.Never underestimate the power of your master brightness control. In many situations bringing you brightness down to 25-40% will create a much better vibe in your venue.

2. Unless you’re in that position (and you will know it when you are) when you are supposed to be putting on a show where the video aspect of your set is more important than your audio, never ever ever ever let the video side of things dwarf your audio game one iota. If anything, doing video you need to go extra hard on your audio game. Cheers…



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