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From the slopes of Northern New England comes DJ Primary Instinct. As a renowned video remixer and Crooklyn Clan Video artist, Primary Instinct has played everywhere from Vermont to across the world in China. With a combination of old and new sounds mixed with visual stimulation he is able to keep the young, old, college, and tourist crowds jumping all over the Northeast. We recently caught up with him to find out more…

How would you describe your DJ Style? 
I would describe my DJ style as being a “jack of all trades” or as “wearing many hats” or as an open format DJ with lots of wiggle room.  I have opened for bands and artists such as Snoop Dogg, The Wailers and even country artist Frankie Ballard.  My mix always depends on my crowd and can range from a typical party mix of Top 40, Hip-Hop and EDM to a specialized night performing with a band and playing an alt rock, reggae or even a country dance mix.  Versatility is really the defining trait of my DJ style.14408181_10100577136381307_1141774784_o-1
What is your most memorable DJ highlight? 
My most memorable DJ highlight would have to be my China tour a few years ago.  7 shows, 6 different cities all over the country.  It was absolutely mind blowing to be doing what I love, entertaining people on the other side of the planet and getting paid to do it!    The crowds were fantastic and the nightclubs where I performed we off the hook!
What is the video DJ scene like in your city/ What venues do you play at? 
Unfortunately there isn’t a huge video DJ scene where I am from.  I would actually say that myself and a few other DJs that work for my company are the video scene.  We have brought video into a handful of venues around the region.  The most notable being the world famous Pickle Barrel Nightclub in Killington, VT.  This has been my most prominent residency over the past 5 years.  It’s a popular resort town destination that brings in skiers and riders from around the globe.



What separates you from other DJs? 
Being a video DJ is really something that makes me stand out from other DJs especially around home.  In addition being a video editor and constantly creating my own custom content that no one else has really helps me stand out as an individual even among the video DJ community across the country and beyond.

What is your current favorite video?
Honestly I can’t say I am ecstatic about any of the original videos for recent releases.  I am a big fan of bringing back the retro videos and making them hot again but if I had to pick a straight up current video I would say Ariana Grande’s Side to Side

What is your favorite video edit you made?
My favorite edit that I made would have to be DJ Skillz mix of LMFAO’s – I am not a whore anthem.  It was early in my editing career and is in SD and needs a high quality rework but it sold more copies than any other edit I have ever made and still holds a special place in my heart. 

I Am Not A Whore Anthem from Primary Instinct on Vimeo.

Where do you get videos? 
I get my videos from a variety of different sources, the tope 3 being Crooklyn Clan, Smash Vision and Club Killers.



What do you use to edit video? 
I use a combination of Adobe After Effects and Final Cut.

Neil Beats – Faithful Single Ladies Video Remix from Primary Instinct on Vimeo.

What is your current setup you use to play video? 
I am using Scratch Live and Mix Emergency and controlling my mix with a Rane Sixty-Two and iPad midi controller with Touch OSC.

What are you working on now/ current projects? 
On my desktop right now I am working on two different mixes, one of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and the second one is for SIA’s Cheap Thrills

What are 2 tips for people upcoming video djs? 
1.  Audio always comes first!  If you don’t have a good audio mix no one will stick around to see your videos!
2.  Alway use quality videos and audio.  This is what you are selling to your crowd, don’t cheap out when it comes to your sources, there are lots of good ones out there.  Smash Vision, Club Killers, Croolyn Clan and Promo Only just to name a few.

And a bonus tip:  Always stay humble my friends, modesty and respect for your peers will get you much further than attitude and cockiness.


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