A Spiritual Approach with DJ Sol Rising


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DJ Sol Rising is a highly accomplished DJ who has stretched the boundaries of where turntable skills can take you. Mixing music with meditation, DJ Sol Rising is an innovator in the realm of Yoga DJs. With a mix of hip-hop, funk, soul, reggae, EDM and electronic dance beats, he helps people finds their own path as they travel on their spiritual journeys.

As both a DJ and music producer, Sol Rising has released multiple albums and can be found playing major events across the United States, including Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Burning Man, Symbiosis and Lightning in a Bottle. He has also joined forces with Yoga powerhouse MC Yogi and has a fervent following in the Ecstatic Dance scene. He has also been featured in the Washington Post and Yoga Journal. We recently caught up with him to find out more how DJ Battles shaped his DJ journey.


Notable Battle Accomplishments :
2002 Scribble Jam Champion
2003 DMC US Supremacy Runner Up
3 Time DMC USA Finalist Highest Rank: 4th Place
2003 Washington DC DMC Champion
2004 Kansas DMC Champion
2012 DMC SF Champion

What was your most memorable Battle Moment and Why?
Winning my first DMC Regional in Washington D.C. Coming from a small town in Iowa nobody expected me to win. That whole weekend was really cool. I placed second in the DMC US Supremacy battle a few days later and also became a member of the Platter Pirates with Vajra (Chris Karns), Kico and Spryte. I idolized those guys.

How has battling helped your Dj career?
Battling gives me credibility especially nowadays when everyone is a DJ. People get Serato and start DJing a week later. I’m not mad at it but I remember counting BPM’s with a stop watch. When I practiced all year for a single competition it requires a lot of focus and taught me to be in the moment. I think the scariest thing you can do as a DJ is enter a DJ competition so nothing really phases me now in terms of performing live.

What are you up to now? New Projects/Content
I have 4 albums out. Recently released an album called the Chillout Sessions which I’m really proud of. Also have another album coming out this fall with an awesome vocalist I collaborated with and I’m always working on new music.

How did you get involved in the Yoga Scene?
I grew up doing Transcendental Meditation. It’s why my mom moved me to Iowa from Canada when I was 7 years old to have me attend a school which taught meditation and yoga. Yoga and Meditation has always been part of my life. I also found the yoga scene to be a good environment to work in and has also taught me to be a better DJ. You have to be aware of what is going on in the class and be mindful of people’s practice which can be quite challenging at first. It’s not about flexing your skills and more about creating an experience and an environment that supports the practice.


What are 2 routines that inspired you? 
Vajra DMC 2004 routine: At the end of this video you can hear DJ Dini say “that routine made Skwint Squeal like a little girl”



Name 2 DJs who have impressed you lately?
DJ Vekked:

DJ Brace:

Craze is still killin it. I know thats 3 😉

What tips do you have for upcoming DJs?
Copy other DJ’s techniques and then make it your own. I know that sounds crazy especially when so much of battling is about being original. Coming up, the whole concept of biting was a no no in the DJ battle scene and I agree to an extent. However great artists are influenced and steal from other artists. That’s how we learn. Study the DJ’s that inspire you.

Thank you Dj Sol Rising for taking the time to chat with us… Namaste
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