TOP 5 with IFTW


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TOP 5 with IFTW

Every DJ has their favorite routines and sets they could watch over and over again. We recently checked in with our homie DMC Supremacy World Champion IFTW to get his top 5 favorite Battle routines.

In no particular order, IFTW picked these routines below



Craze’s 99 DMC World Set – This set just completely flipped the whole art for me. From start to finish, this set was flawless. Perfect balance between Technicality & Funk so it didn’t go over folks heads.


PTrix’s – The Bizzness Juggle – By far my favorite Juggle still to date. That beat is one of the simplest beats. Kicks & snares are pretty spread out, but he completely turned that track into a whole other sound. My Jaw dropped when he hit the Melodies part.


Chris Karns (Vajra) 2004 DMC US set – Chris has always been at the top of the food chain when it comes to skills. This whole set was fucking ridiculous. Crazy how much funk this dood added to some of the most technical routines ever. The Marc Ronson Juggle with the stops and the double time build up. Got Damm. Then that Circus cut routine that the scratches fit so perfectly. Then he takes you to another dimension with that drumming routine. which to this day has not been touched as far as drumming goes.

DJ Static (Denmark) 1997 ITF Routines – I’m a big Static fan. All of Static’s routines from 1997 had the dopest “word play” ever. Well besides DJ Dummy’s set. Plus the way he went about breaking these routines down, he was winner in my book that year.


Peverted Allies 2001 Team Championships – This is by far the best team routine ever. Still to this day, there hasn’t been a team routine that comes close to these 6mins. From Technique, to Showmanship, to Shit talking, to cohesiveness and using the turntable to the most possible. Not to disrespect the later teams like Kireek & C2C, but Peverted Allies embodied everything that needs to be in a team routine. Come on, Craze, Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts & Infamous. Hands Down.

DMC World Supremacy Champion
2 x US DMC Champion




Author: TheSkilledDJ

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