Why Every DJ Should Battle


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Why Every DJ Should Battle

The Dj Battle has been around for a very long time and has taken many forms. From Kool Herc and his ground shaking sound system in the Bronx to most recently DJ Brace winning the DMC Online Championships from a balcony over looking the ocean. Battles have always been an integral part of DJ Culture. I can personally say, that I would not be the DJ I am today if I never entered my first local DJ Battle back in college in 1997. Entering competitions has many benefits and will ultimately make you a better DJ. Here are some of them:

Improved Confidence
In a DJ Battle, you get to highlight what it is that you do best. You might not win, but every step is progress towards a greater goal. If you can find your own personal victories in successfully doing a routine in front of other DJs, it helps you grow. Each time you do better than the previous attempt you become more confident in front of other people. It is the same way you become a better public speaker, you get up in front of a crowd and you do it over and over again.

Improved Stage Presence
This comes with the confidence. No matter where you are performing, if you are just looking down at your equipment, people watching you won’t get into it. You will adapt very quickly to adding stage presence and some swagger to you routines, which will help you in other Dj settings as well.

Improved Skill Level
Battling will force you to raise your technical skill level. You have to learn new techniques and raise your technical skill level to be competitive. The amount of practice it takes to prepare for a competition will make you better. When you are truly locked in and focussed on creating a routine your skills will improve. Battles give you a measuring stick to determine where you are at and where you can improve.

Improved Creativity
Everyone thinks they are creative with their Dj sets, but when you are competitively creative, you find yourself striving much harder to really stand out from the pack. Sometimes just having a deadline on your creativity will force you to discover ideas and concepts faster. As they say “Competition Breeds Innovation”

DJ Trayze – 2016 Red Bull Thre3style U.S. Finals from DJcityTV on Vimeo.

Competition Builds Reputations
Many of the most respected DJs around cut their teeth in the battle arena before they became major players in the Clubs, Production, and Festival Circuits. Guys like Enferno, Craze, Shiftee, Thugli, A-trak, Jayceeoh, Mix Master Mike etc.. all earned battle titles before dominating other aspects of DJing. Even DJ AM entered DJ battles to build his skills. As DJ GQ said in the movie Juice, “If you want respect you gotta earn it

People Remember Routines
Even if you don’t win a battle, people will remember what you did. There are so many dope routines that did not win battles, it is hard to count. Every year there is only one World Champion per contest out of thousands who enter battles, and it is always a subjective winner based on the judges’ opinion. However, there are a lot of very exciting routines that people will watch over and over again from each year of competition that will inspire them. Entering battles gives you the perfect platform to showcase your personal style amongst other DJs, and good video recording of it will live on for a long time past the one night of the contest.

You can not be afraid to enter DJ battles. You learn so much from each competition. Even if you think you are not ready, every experience on that stage makes you a better DJ. Are you going to win every battle, NO, but you will always learn what you need to work on to be a better DJ. There is no shame in not getting 1st place, because you already won by entering and choosing to improve. If you need some tips on how to win check out my article.

10 Tips For Making a DJ Battle Routine



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