How to Warm Up a Night Club


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Get The Party Started

A full night in a club is a progressive build of energy that leads to a complete night of emotions. If you want your night to build correctly, you have to get people in a good mood from the beginning. For the people who are entering the club early, there needs to be a good vibe that can keep them happy as they get settled in and buy drinks. For the DJ, you want play music that will get people going without dropping the biggest club bangers until later in the night. There are a couple ways to do this:

(*These are obviously broad generalizations based on my experiences in open format clubs)


People like to hear songs that bring back good memories. If you can get someone to dance to a song from their past, it triggers an emotional response. If you play the right songs, people will reminisce and associate it with a happy memory, which naturally puts them in a good mood. There is also the chance of a group emotion that happens when people are with their friends having the same response.


Play to the Female Crowd First

There are certain songs that your female audience will appreciate more than the guys (i.e. TLC, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Beyonce). These songs often lead to spontaneous singing and should be used early and often. There are 3 main reasons for this is:
(*broad generalizations)

1. Girls dance in groups. If you can get one girl dancing, they usually get their friends dancing with them. Everyone knows a good time is contagious and the more people that look like they are having a good time, the more people will want to join them.

2. Women are usually let into the club first. Whether it is to build excitement for a club or to maintain a higher ratio of women to men, clubs generally let in women first. If a group of 6 guys roll up to a club at the same time as a group of 6 girls, generally the girls are getting in first.

3. Guys Drink First.  Most guys are not super comfortable jumping right out onto the dance floor. They often need some extra motivation or liquid courage to get started. Some guys just like dancing with a drink in their hands because it gives them less to think about. Whatever the reason, you have a little extra time before your have to worry about them.


New Songs – Low Energy

Many times people will come up and ask for a new song that you know won’t work in primetime. The tempo or the energy might be too low or will drastically change the mood. The beginning of the night is the time to get those songs out of the way. This is usually an artist or song that is fun, but just not hype enough for later on. i.e. 21 Pilots, Daya, One Republic, Jeremih, The Weeknd.


Feel Good Songs

These can be old or new songs, that have a good vibe to them. There are a couple artists that come to mind like Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Prince, Disclosure. They put out songs that are easy on the ears and the emotions.  You can’t always drop them when the energy level is too high, but they are perfect songs to transition into or out of the most energetic parts of the night. They invoke the need to dance without making you want to Rage.



Experiment with different tracks and see what works together and what doesn’t. If you do it just right, your club goers will be happy and ready to go when it is time to come in the bangers.



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