10 Tips For Making a DJ Battle Routine


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When making a battle routine, there are a lot of different ways to approach it. In my 20 years of competing. judging. and organizing dj battles, I have found there are definitely some things you can do to improve your chances of winning these types of competitions. Here are 10 tips to get you started

DJ Dini’s 10 Tips for Battle success

1. Pick Aggressive/Energetic Music
Remember this is a battle, which means you are trying to out do your opponents. You need to get people hyped up if you want them to cheer for you. A lot of this comes from music selection. You can get people excited just by dropping the right track at the right time, even before you start to do anything with it.


2. Come out the gates strong
This especially holds true in an online battle. You only have a short period of time before people have formulated an opinion on whether or not your routine is going to be watchable. If you capture people’s attention immediately, they will be mentally rooting for you to keep them interested for the entirety.


3. Showcase your power and speed scratches
Very few people have ever won a dj battle with simple melodic scratching. When it comes to battles, controlled speed kills your opponents. At some point you are gonna have to show off why your cuts are superior, so make your scratches clean, hard, and fast.


4. Show a variety of techniques
You have to show you can do multiple things really well. There are so many things that can be done with music and with the equipment. You can not rest on just 1 or 2 techniques, because there are a lot of other DJs who can hit you with a variety of styles that will make you look basic


5. Edit yourself: Find as many patterns you can and pick the best ones
This is where hours and hours of practice gets whittled down to the best of the best. If you want to sound different, you need to keep searching for new styles. Try coming at your routines from many different angles and keep what you like the best. Just because you came up with a pattern doesn’t mean you have to use it. This goes for juggles, cuts, and any other techniques you might do.


6. Add tricks
Once you have practiced your routine to the point you can do it really well, it is time to step it up even more. Go behind your back, switch hands, add a spin move and just keep elevating. Remember people need to be constantly entertained throughout the entire routine.


7. Formulate a flow
Every routine has an energy to it that connects it together. Some routines work better together than others. There are some routines that you might remember a juggle or a scratch from, but the truly great routines you remember the whole thing because it flowed together from start to finish in a way that made sense and held your attention.



8. Write things down
As you are listening to music or TV or just thinking to yourself, you will come up with ideas that might disappear quickly. Always write them down, whether on paper or in your cell phone, don’t let it be forgotten. Maybe you hear a part of a song you never noticed before or heard a funny diss in a Will Ferrel movie, write it down for later and revisit it.


9. Be a Student
There is so much content on youtube to learn from. Watch videos to learn different techniques and think about how to elevate them. See what the greats did and continue to do. Learn from them, but don’t copy them. Find your own style but learn from those who did it best.


10. Make YOUR style the best it can be
Don’t feel constrained to conform to what you think it should sound like. You have to do you. Don’t be afraid to change the game completely by doing a style that is different from the rest. To get a better understanding, see my article on Dj Swamp

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