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Coming by way of Canada, THUGLI has been making heads nod and necks snap worldwide their with dirty trap infused sound. A combination of savage turntablism and brilliant music production has made their live performances the true essence of what DJ/Producers strive to be.  Made up of Wrecks and Drastik, they sharpened their DJ skills in the battle circuits and have managed to incorporate those high level skills into the way they produce and perform music. (Drastik – 3x DMC Canada Champion and Redbull Thre3style Canadian National Champion). They have raised the bar for every DJ and Producer who takes the stage and performs. They recently put out a new live performance video with Serato for their track “Listen Up” and we caught up with them to find out more about it.


How did this video come about with Serato?
We’ve been doing work with Serato for a little while now. Workshops etc… Last year we toured Aus/NZ and we were asked if we wanted to film a performance video with them while we were in Auckland. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to make it happen. A couple of months later we were at Jazzy Jeff’s Playlist Retreat and got to meet more of the team there. They asked us again soon after and we coordinated a shoot in NYC. It worked out great. Shouts to Gary, Matt C, Matt P and the whole team over there. They’re the best.


Are there other tracks that you perform live in this manner?
This was really the first time we decided to breakdown one of our tracks for a routine. We have a few songs that we do little juggles and cuts with, but nothing to this extent. Definitely something we’re going to start playing around with more for our live shows.


How would you describe the music you are currently putting out?
Right now we’re grinding away on a new EP. Its definitely different than our usual stuff in the sense that we’re working with more rappers, singers/songwriters now. It all still has that signature THUGLI sound but the vibe is all over the map now. It’s not just turn up, trap records. We’re extremely happy with how its all coming together.




As talented producers and turntablists how do you incorporate both into your live shows?
Having a background as both producers and turntablists has allowed us to present our sets in a different way. We use the production side to make edits to allow us to showcase our turntablist skills. I.E extended breakdowns for juggles or to layer cuts over etc… We also do our sets on 4 turntables which allows us to add cuts over mixes or even over little juggles. We try not to overdo it simply because a lot of it goes over the average club/festival goer’s head, but we try and do it as tasteful as possible and make sure the listener is understanding that something is happening up there instead of us just pushing play.

You have put out many amazing tracks, which ones are the most special to you?
There are a few we hold dear for sure. Our track “What Happened” (which is a flip of Clipse ft Birdman – What Happened To That Boy) is definitely one. We had talked about flipping that track double-time for years and just never got around to it. When we started Thugli we thought, “This is the perfect time for this, lets give it a go”. It was just really fun to make and one of those records that doesn’t get old. We still play it in our sets and it still goes off. It was also the first one we did that people started to take notice of us. EDM heads fuck with it, rap heads fuck with it. It crosses over well. We were hearing guys like Baauer, Diplo and A-trak playing it. Also, QBert has a drumming routine with it. That right there is like the ultimate props for us. Holy grail level.

What is your current equipment set up for production and for live shows?
Production wise we keep it kind of simple. We have lots of hardware, synths etc.. but nowadays theres vst’s and plug ins for those that don’t take up room in the studio. We work on Ableton with a slew of vst/plug ins and some krk8’s. Quite simple. Dj set up wise were on 4 x Technics 1200’s, 2 x Pioneer S9’s and both on Serato Dj.

Who are some of the other DJs you see doing dope production that get busy on the turntables as well?
There’s a lot to name! A-Trak, Craze, Four Color Zack, Jayceeoh, Jazzy Jeff, Dj Snake are a few off the top

What tips do you have for DJs that want to produce?
Best tip is to do you. Just make the music YOU want to make and don’t think about following trends. Uniqueness always stands out. Stay focused on learning more everyday and take some time out of your practice schedule to work on tunes. The more you do, the more you learn, the better you get. Turntablists especially have an advantage because we’re constantly thinking of new patterns. If we were never good at juggles we probably wouldn’t be good producers.




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