Effective Social Media Tips for DJs


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Social Media Tips for DJs

Social Media is major part of every business these day and being a DJ is no different. Social media should be used to enhance your brand  and spread your message whenever possible. Here are a few tips to help you with your social media presence.


Provide Consistent Quality Content

If you want to stay on the minds of your fans, you have to give them a reason to share your work. Whether it is audio or video, the people who follow you need to be fed a steady stream of content. Making videos, remixes, original productions, routines and full length mixes will make your profile more valuable and more shareable to the people who visit it.

Know When to Post

There are certain times of day that are more effective than others for getting your posts seen. In most scenarios, mid-day on a weekday, when most people are bored at work, is likely to get the most responses and shares.

Avoid Hot Topic Arguments

I know it is an election year, but if you really want to get into a heated political argument, use a personal account. There are many people on the web that live for that, but don’t get sucked in. You turn off more clients than you know by using your business to express personal opinions. That brings us to our next point…

Don’t Feed The Trolls

The Internet is not exactly the friendliest place. There will always be someone out there who hates what you do, no matter how dope it is. Accept that and move forward. It is better to ignore them or delete them than to engage them. Regardless of their opinion, they are still on your page and still seeing your content. Remember “A wise man said don’t argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who is who”

Engage Your Audience

People love to be acknowledged, that is a basic fundamental human need. If your audience reaches out to you in a positive manner, do your best to respond in a timely manner. Get them involved and they will be more likely to spread the word about you to their friends.

Grammar Matters

I cannot stress this enough, double-check everything you put on social media. Think of it as a continuously updated resume. You can turn off potential clients by simply not understanding the difference between “your” and “you’re”. If you are unsure, try typing things in a word processing program before posting.

Use Analytics to Experiment

If you want to see what your audience likes, experiment with different types content and posts. Make a note of what gets shared and what doesn’t. Many sites have built in analytic programs that allow you to track different demographics about your audience and their behavior. Try to maximize this information to your advantage.

Put Out Positive Vibes

Be aware of the image you are portraying to your crowd. Avoid complaining about clients, customers and most other things from your business page. People know that if you are complaining about other people, someday you might complain about them. Be self aware and think twice before posting. Sometimes you just need to write things down to get them off your chest, but you don’t always have to hit publish.

Social media is always evolving and the rules are always changing, but many of these rules remain universal. Keep your audience entertained and engaged and hopefully it will continue to grow



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