E.A.S.Y Talks “Like That” with Enferno and Shiftee


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E.A.S.Y. is Enferno and Shiftee, Yo.  Two of the baddest dudes to ever touch the turntables have come together to form an elite team up of former DMC Champions who can rock your club, produce your album, and smack you upside your head in a battle. They are taking #RealDJing to the masses and putting out live performance videos that have shaken the button pushers to their core. The only time they are “Pushing Play,” is when there is a copy of the movie Juice in their VCR’s. Their performances are an orgy of production gear,  turntable skills, and musical mayhem, that would make any DJ question their own dedication to their craft. Or as they put it:

E.A.S.Y. is the craziest DJing meets live performance you’ve ever seen. Gear on gear with turntables, drum machines, and keyboards, all worked in a way that makes sense but still explodes your mind grapes. Oh right, and it sounds amazing. Melodic yet gangster, epic but classy – like a tiger riding a motorcycle wearing a top hat.”

E.A.S.Y. is for everyone. E.A.S.Y. makes girls literally CAN even and causes the fellas to unleash DMX-on-a-rollercoaster barks. E.A.S.Y. is for your bff, your grandma, your homies, and your drug dealer. E.A.S.Y. is for the gritty club and the giant festival, the dancefloor and your headphones. Whether you want to watch or listen, turn up or take notes, E.A.S.Y. is guaranteed to give you what you need and beyond.”


We recently caught with them to ask them a few questions about their collaboration.

1) How do you guys collaborate on a routine? Mostly in person or through the web?

We do all of our routines IRL (in real life), but we do a bunch of our production via skype + screen sharing.  There’s no substitute though for the in person collabo, especially since Shiftee demands he put his feet on the table in the studio.  You can’t email smells.


2) Do all your routines have the same equipment setup, or is does it change depending on the routine?

It changes a bit, but usually it’s pretty uniform:Native Instruments S49 keyboard + 2 maschines + Pioneer mixer + turntables + ableton + Traktor for Enferno.  2 turntables + 1 Maschine + Z2 Mixer + Traktor for Shiftee.  We also try to coordinate our hats.


3) How would you describe your album?

The E.A.S.Y.  sound is polished but heavy, accessible but dirty.  We tend to have a lot of big chords in our songs mixed with heavy bass and drums with cut up samples.  We’ve also been collaborating a lot more with vocalists (Dougie F, Sayyi, AM!R, and more), which has added a songwriting element to what we do.

4) What is your live show like when you perform together? Is it club party rocking? Is it live performances of your own tracks? A combination of both?

It’s definitely a combo, we try to do it all and have something for everyone.  Sometimes we are like a band and perform our songs live.  Other times we rock the party in a more club style.  Sometimes if we get on each others’ nerves, we’ll battle right there in the club.  We are working on our synchronized hand hearts, but this is really tricky.


5) Thank you for taking #RealDJing to the masses, Do you find people (Non DJs) are getting a better understanding of what #RealDJs do through your performances?

Hope so!  The response thus far has been dope, and we really try to help the crowds we play for understand what’s happening.  Also we try to be music first, so even if people don’t care about skillz, they can still enjoy our performance and understand at least SOMETHING is happening.


6) What can we expect from E.A.S.Y going forward?

New songs, a tour, more videos, and a sleeveless hoodie + jogger line.


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Check out some of the gear they use below

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