The DJ Text Message Scam


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For the past couple years, there has been a text message credit card scam going around targeting DJs and entertainment companies that everyone should be aware of. It starts with the DJ getting a random text message from a number they don’t know. The text will say something along the lines of “Hello, my name is Mr Morgan. I am looking for DJ services for my event. Do you accept credit cards?”  initialcontactThe opening line is usually the dead give away with the credit card question.  Now if you respond and push the questions about the gig, this is where things get really weird. If you ask to meet the person, they will tell you “I am hearing impaired and in the hospital for surgery.”  They will do anything they can to try to get you to run the credit card number. The reason being, The Credit Card Number Is Stolen!.  There are a couple scenarios as to what happens

1. They ask you to pay someone else on their behalf. 
They will ask you to charge more to the credit card than the price and then ask you to use the extra money to pay for a car service or some other random business. However, the other business doesn’t accept credit cards so you need to wire them the money. They will insist on urgency (so the transaction goes through before the card is reported stolen and transaction cancelled). They keep the wired money, the credit card company cancels your transaction plus fee, you lose the original charge, the fee, and any money you wired

2. They Ask For a Refund
Similar to the first type of scam except this time, they will either over pay you by “Mistake” or ask to cancel the event and ask for a full refund. In either scenario, they will ask you to wire the money instead of returning it to the credit card.  Same result, you get no money plus lose transaction fees, they get any money you were generous enough to send them

3. They Are Checking The Card Numbers Work
In this scenario, you are not the intended target, you are just a step in the process. They ask you to charge the card to see if it works. Once they see that it works, they will immediately go charge a different high price item on the same card and ship it out before the card owner realizes it.

Now that you know what to look for, be careful, but also hesitate to have some fun at their time and expense like DJ Cee does…




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