As I Am: The Life And Time$ of DJ AM – Review


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As I Am: The Life And Time$ of DJ AM
As a DJ who has been playing around Hollywood for the past 10 years, the shadow cast by DJ AM has always had a large presence over the scene here. He has always been held in such high regards from the people who knew him best, down to the casual acquaintances. The extent of my personal knowledge comes from holding a residency at the same venue (Cinespace) on a different night of the week as him. The staff always talked about how much he enjoyed to play and how he was the only DJ who was granted special stage diving privileges from the management.

I was very optimistic going into this movie because I enjoy DJ related content, but also because I have been around so many people who had personal relationships with AM. I never knew him personally or the full story of how he achieved such fame and superstardom, only what he was able to do with it. What I also did not know, was the extent of the personal demons he had to overcome to achieve it. This movie takes you on a journey from darkest depths of addiction to brightest lights of Hollywood, Las Vegas, and even the Superbowl.  I had always assumed that majority of his fame came from dating Nicole Ritchie, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that his DJing was the real star that put him in the spotlight way before she was part of the story. Seeing how a DJ could have such a big impact on the lives of other people was contrasted by how the addiction had such a deep controlling affect on him. It is the very inspirational, yet cautionary, story of his strengths and his weaknesses, and I am glad the producers were able to capture both so boldly and vividly. You find yourself rooting for him to persevere while also desperately saddened by each setback he faced.

The editing style of the movie compliments the content in the sense that it is both edgy and cutty, like a movie about a DJ should be. It is remix of interviews, pictures and video that form a amazing blend of imagery and storytelling.  There are interspersed moments of pop-culture throughout, that not only help you understand his life, but also bring you back to moments of your own life and times. Whether you are a DJ or not, this movie will definitely scratch its way into your conscience and soul. I highly recommend it.

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