2016 DMC Los Angeles Regional Review


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This years DMC USA Los Angeles Regional was on a roof top lounge across from the Staples Center. It was a little chilly, but ultimately worked out and LA was happy to have it here due to the efforts of Ron Sterling and the incomparable Christie Z-Pabon (Thanks for the pictures). A cold night was heated up with some fiery competition.

DMC Los Angeles Regional

DJ Moded

As a chill set in across the night sky, Moded started things off. Juggling a variety of music from Black Moon to some drum and bass. He did scratch routines with break classic break records and some unskippable breaks.


DJ Lamp Shady

An immediate crowd favorite, due to his stage presence, he came out the gates juggling rock music with some breakdown patterns. Then he changed the tone and went into a Lil Jon-Bend Ova juggle.  He did break down with some triple hits and looping effects and closed it by juggling the synths. He then transitioned to Beastie Boys Intergallactic using loop effects on the mixer. Next was Limp Biskit, keeping his rock theme going, going into a breakdown pattern. Playing to the Los Angeles crowd, he ended with Still Dre




He started with a mellow Dr Dre track that he slowed down with a breakdown juggle pattern and progressed into a scratch routine. Next was some Tribe Called Quest, which he juggled the words together with the beat. He then dropped some Slum Village and did another breakdown with push patterns. He cut up some drum patterns with Boogie Down Productions and flipping it into a hybrid juggle with another beat and eventually scratching it out to finish it up




Started with some west coast funk with a hard Glitch Hop remix of Nate Dog – Nobody Does it Better, which he juggled with some real time patterns and smoothly worked into a scratch routine with the synth sounds. Then he began the main theme of his routine, Connor McGregor samples talking trash. He dropped into another realtime pattern with snares hitting everywhere and again working it into a scratch routine and more Conner McGregor samples. Using another glitch/trap sounding beat, he beat up the snares and worked it into a scratch routine with an Anchor Man sample. He then flipped into another realtime juggle using looping effects and Connor McGregor. He did a quick cut routine and then took it into another real time juggle/scratch combo and finished with Conor McGregor where he declared “Every year is my year”. Overall, a very technical strong routine.



Akiko Luv

She came out with some Kanye West samples about believing in yourself. Then started cutting over a heavy bass track. Hitting many types of patterns and finger rubs in her cuts. Next was a Roxanne Shante juggle/word play routine. Finally was a Cinema dub-step juggle using the hardest parts of the song and then drumming it out to close out the routine.



Shake One

Coming out Colorado, Shake had an interesting theme for his routine, a musical journey through the decades. He started with the 70’s and a Play that Funky Music cut and juggle routine. He then took us to the 80’s with a Safety Dance Juggle. Next Up was the 90’s and A Tribe Called Quest and Biggie Smalls. He juggled Hypnotize lyrics over the beat through the sample player. Then came the 2000’s and Usher Yeah mixed with some Daft Punk. He hit a scratch routine and then some cue point sampling. Finally ending with some fast cuts. Overall a very fun routine.



At this point the judges were split between Shmeeze and Shake One. Shmeeze had a highly technical routine, however his multiple scratch/juggle combo routines sounded very similar and followed a similar formula. Shake One had a really fun routine, that showed a variety of techniques and music, however it was not as technical as Shmeeze which left the judges with a conundrum. It was very close, with both receiving multiple 1st place votes, but ultimately Shake One took home the title to Colorado by a judges score 18-15. Akiko Luv took 3rd. Later that week, Shmeeze learned his performance also earned him a special invite to compete at the US Finals as well.


1st Shake One, 2nd Shmeeze, 3rd Akiko Luv



Judges (Lord, J-Slim, Nando, Icy Ice, Dini, Arabian Prince, P-Trix)


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