2016 DMC USA Supremacy Battle


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This years DMC USA Supremacy battle was on a roof top lounge across from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was a little chilly, but ultimately worked out and LA was happy to have it here due to the efforts of Ron Sterling and the incomparable Christie Z-Pabon (Thanks for the pictures). A cold night was heated up with some fiery competition. Several former DMC Regional and National champions entered the fray, including:

Etronik – 2 x DMC Supremacy Champion

Flip Flop – 2013 DMC LA Champion

Toltech – 2 x DMC Regional Champion, 2014 DMC USA Team Champion

Lodus – 2012 DMC Phoenix Champion



The battle went down like this….


Flip Flop vs Comp 1

Comp 1 cut up a variety of battle break samples

Flip Flop opened with a his Let It Whip juggle flipped on 45 and set the pace in the battle

Comp 1 did a basic “aaaaah” scratch routine over a low energy beat

Flip Flop replied with a murderous cut routine and flexed his speed to advance.



Etronik vs Kram

Etronik opened by letting people he was back again with the sample “Never can say goodbye”, then went into juggle with lots of snare action

Kram came back with some Black Moon by breaking down the beat and lyrics to say “Got no Show”

Etronik rocked an Eazy E sample into “E-Tronik” and then kept the NWA theme going with a juggle scratch combo routine using various NWA samples. Etronik set a high bar that Kram could not keep up with

Kram responded with a Fugees routine, flipping the beat on 45, but using a similar pattern to his first routine.



Toltech vs Moded

Moded Started off with a “Bust This” routine that need refining and some basic cuts.

Toltech was not messing around and did a “breaks huh” scratch routine and worked it up to a juggle that was superior

Moded did a break record juggle using a seriously cue-burned sounding record

Toltech blasted him out of the competition with body tricked filled variation on a strobe pattern juggle



Akiko Luv vs Lodus

Akiko started with a dating profile/ diss juggle routine that didn’t really show too much technique

Lodus had a snare filled juggle that had some problems but showed more patterns than Akiko

Akiko had a Lodus diss queued up and dropped it before heading into a Freestyle Juggle and finishing with another diss

Lodus had an Anchorman Diss ready in response. He then went into scratch routine which was enough to advance to the semi final.




Etronik vs Lodus

Lodus started things off by dissing his former teammate with the “Used to by Homie” line from Dre Day and then went into his juggle pattern

Etronik came out with with a juggle using a remix of Everlasting Bass with many uptempo patterns eventually working it into a scratch routine at the end.

Lodus responded with a some Rick Flair vocals and then a drum and bass fast scratch routine

Etronik confidently finished him off with strong juggle using stop patterns and his own fast scratching



Toltech vs Flip Flop

This was by far the best, most competitive battle of the night.

Toltech fired off a clean scratch/juggle routine and some fast upfader cuts and plenty of sample switching through out

Flip Flop came out with a “Say My Name” Sample and then dropped into a juggle on 45 speed.

Toltech responded with a strong scratch/juggle combo routine showing a variety of skills and finishing off with some double times cut.

Flip Flop saved his power routine for last and blasted the hard cuts. He came out with a Billy Madison diss and then proceeded to rip the cut.
Flip Flop’s cuts were superior to anyone else that competed that night and was able to advance from the closest battle of the night.




Etronik vs Flip Flop

Etronik came out the 1st round with a Jazzy Juggle and ended with some fast scratching

Flip Flop responded telling Etronik he DJs “like a girl” (From the Sandlot) and went into his PYT juggle but had some difficulty and could not get the patterns going. He ended with some drum patterns and freaked it, however he already lost the momentum from the juggle trouble

Etronik fired back with his thunder struck juggle and some fast cuts with the king of rock sample

Flip Flop’s last routine was strong one, as he attacked the cut with some of his signature power cuts and lightning chirps. However on this night, Etronik was not to be denied and took home the victory.


Etronik won his 3rd DMC USA Supremacy Championship (2006, 2012, 2016). This was his 4th DMC USA Solo Title (2010 USA Showcase Champion) and 5th DMC USA Overall Title (2008 USA Team Champion)




Judges (Lord, J-Slim, Nando, Icy Ice, Dini, Arabian Prince, P-Trix)


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Author: TheSkilledDJ

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