Open Faders Boston – Flashback 2001


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Open Fader Boston – 2001
15 years ago, when Turntablism was really starting to take off in the Boston area there was an event that pushed pure DJ skills to the forefront. Open Faders was an open turntable event at the House of Blues that was the first of its kind in the area. Put on by DJ Dini, it was a turntablist showcase that featured several accomplished battle DJs showcasing the a fierce set of skills. Borrowing its namesake from the DC area Goonies crew, this event had several former and future national champions perform for an enthusiastic crowd. DJs such as Precision, Excess, Spryte, Perseus, Laz-E-Boy, Fraze, Cutfuscious, Trajic and more all put down legendary performances. Also, Hip-Hop acts The Rhyminal and the Stinkin Ass Drunks got the crowd hyped with their energetic sets. .open faders

Laz-E-Boy started off the showcases.

Precision and Cutfuscious went back and forth with some crazy beat juggles

Tragik and Fraze took the stage to showcase

DJ Spryte was flown in from Chicago to put it down for the Boston Crowd

Perseus came on next “Aiight Chill”

and Finally Excess took the crowd to the Dark Side




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